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Save As Doc

July 2014
PluginSemantic Code

A Google Sheets add-on to convert any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a Google Document for improved legibility of lengthy cell text entered manually or through a Google Form submission. Basically, this will make Google Forms submissions readable!

Core Features

  • Choose any name for the generated document
  • Select any number of cells to output
  • Choose any heading style for column headings
  • Add a pagebreak after each row of data
  • Save the current settings as the default
  • Generates a Google Document in your Google Drive

Help Resources

How to use

  1. Click the Save As Doc add-on icon in the Google Workspace sidebar
  2. Select the cells to include or choose “Select all data”
  3. Enter a file output name.
  4. Modify the output settings in the sidebar.
  5. Choose Save as Doc.


Save As Doc will output the Google Sheets cell content as a paragraph one after the next. This means that the Sheet content will not be output side by side as laid out in the Sheet.

Privacy Policy

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