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Save As Doc

July 2014
PluginSemantic Code

A Google Sheets add-on to convert any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a Google Document for improved legibility of lengthy cell text entered manually or through a Google Form submission. Basically, this will make Google Forms submissions readable!

Core Features

  • Choose any name for the generated document
  • Select any number of adjacent cells to output
  • Choose any heading style for column headings
  • Add a pagebreak after each row of data
  • Save the current settings as the default
  • Generates a Google Document in your Google Drive

Help Resources

How to use

  1. Choose "Save As Doc > Start."
  2. Select the cells to include or choose "Select all data"
  3. Enter a file output name.
  4. Modify the output settings in the sidebar.
  5. Choose Save as Doc.


Currently selections are limited to adjacent cells ONLY. However, the output can still be modified by editing the newly created document in your Google Drive and removing unnecessary sections.


The following authorizations are required for this add-on:

  • View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive
  • View and manage your documents in Google Drive
  • View and manage data associated with the application
  • Allow this application to run when you are not present

The view and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive authorization pertains to the add-ons spreadsheet parsing functionality. The view and manage your documents in Google Drive authorization is required to create new documents in your Google Drive. The view and manage data associated with the application authorization is required to store saved preferences for your default settings. The allow this application to run when you are not present authorization is required for the onInstall() trigger to properly create the Save As Doc items in the Add-ons menu. This only runs once when the add-on is first installed and the add-on does not run anything when you are not present.

Note: If you are receiving "Script Error: Authorization is required to perform that action" you will need to reauthorize the Add-on.

  1. Go to myaccount.google.com and choose "Apps with account access" under Sign-in & security.
  2. Under "Apps with access to your account" choose MANAGE APPS.
  3. Click on Save As Doc.
  5. Go back to your spreadsheet and run Save As Doc. It should prompt you to authorize Save As Doc again and allow you to use the add-on!

Privacy Policy

Required Scopes

  • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/documents
  • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/script.container.ui
  • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/script.scriptapp
  • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/spreadsheets

Save As Doc requires access to your Google Drive to create and modify a Google Document. It will also store your preferred settings for the add-on for efficient future use. Save As Doc does not modify your Google Sheet in any way, but requires access to it in order to parse and extract the data in the spreadsheet for the document creation.